Myth 4: Lots of rich people are living in social housing

Busted? There are 3.9m people living in social housing, according to the English Housing Survey. However, there is a perception from some quarters that a significant number of these renters are very wealthy. The coalition previously announced it would allow social landlords to force tenants who earn more than £60,000 to pay market rent or leave their tenancy.

Government estimates show there could be as few as 11,000 households earning £60,000 or more in social housing. Remember, that’s the whole household not just one salary. That’s 0.3% of England’s social lettings. And just 1,000 (0.03%) households earn more than £100,000.


Inside Housing research in 2013 showed the policy will not work in parts of 16 London boroughs because tenants will have to earn more than the £60,000 cap to be able to pay their rent anyway.

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